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Dispatch Company


For years, we’ve worked with different companies, from family-owned to the largest corporations in the industry, analyzing the good and bad service. On many occasions, they did not comprehend drivers’ suggestions. We realized that they were using failed protocols and rigorous methods that did not work well. The frustration of some drivers motivated us to create a nonconventional Trucking dispatch; Including technology and flexibility, focused on providing excellent customer service and competitive market rates. After analyzing our skills and potential, we began this journey; through this experience, Logginerd was born.


One of our main strenghts is finding the hottest lanes and above-market rates. We apply nerdy techniques and an extensive network of broker connections to obtain the best results.

With our years of experience, we have seen how important it is to listen and understand the issues and needs of each client.

Why we differentiate ourselves from the rest, we leave behind the rigid structure and stay creative, thinking about all the possibilities to solve each problem.

Logginerd stands out for our team's professional and human quality. We are managing a work environment where transparency and trust surround us.

Knowing the industry can be satisfying, but remaining DOT compliant can be rewarding. Logginerd will help you successfully meet the U.S Department off Transportation requirements.

End-to-end back office support, so you can have peace of mind.

Logginerd works with you, not against you.

We do the nerdy work while you drive and earn money.

Dispatch Company